How to understand your customers: Introducing a new more comprehensive approach

A few years ago I worked with on a brand team at a Fortune 500 Consumer Products Goods (CPG) company that was struggling to differentiate their products from their competitors. They needed to create more meaningful connection(s) to their customers, but they couldn’t effectively reach them, nor did they fully understand their core customer groups. What began as a project to help increase media targeting efficiency evolved into my discovery of a new, more comprehensive approach to understanding customers.

In the white paper I’ve made available to download in this post I provide an overview of the Consumer 360° Segmentation Model I designed and successfully deployed.

A Conceptual Framework for Studying Safety Climate and Culture of.pdf

A Conceptual Framework for Studying Safety Climate and Culture of Commercial Airlines

A comprehensive safety climate and safety culture framework, which can be utilized to assess various predictors and consequences of safety climate and to assess airline’s safety culture in relation to one another, is presented. The framework depicts a process whereby individual, group, and organizational predictor variables, through perceived safety climate, affect first level outcomes. First level outcomes can lead to direct costs for the organization, as well as lowered productivity. In the framework, individual and environment variables are purported to moderate the relationship between work-related events and safety climate. Motivation is also expected to mediate the relationships between predictors and safety climate, as well as predictors and individual level consequences. Overall, organizational culture and environment are likely to affect safety climate and safety culture.