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I help build brands, grow revenue, & tap into unmet needs of today & tomorrow's consumer


Led my team from performing as a "yellow" (70th percentile) team to a "green" (90th percentile) team, and consistently maintained the highest scorecard in our district by inspiring a results-driven team culture that team members were proud to be on, and via implementing processes that lowered our shrink (loss) significantly. 

 Re-built the west region Insights & Analytics department, which included re-training, hiring, and creation & execution of expanded insights capabilities. Within 1 year, I built a high-performing team and created processes that cut time to complete projects by more than 60%. In addition, I was given responsibility of leading two additional teams in other locations.

Under my leadership created and socialized the first insights & brand playbook that is currently leveraged in all pitch decks to sell-into retailers and food service operators, and used to onboard all leadership and key partners. In addition, my recommendations were leveraged to inform the strategy and tactics for each touchpoint of the consumer journey, which resulted in tripling household growth (conversion) and increasing repeat consumers +10pts.

Success Stories

Developed a Sustainable Roadmap for 3X Growth


Due to concerns about the impact of inflation and slowed growth velocity, the new CEO of Impossible wanted to understand barriers to purchase and recommendations to increase velocity. 


I conducted custom research with verified buyers and then distilled my key findings into one clear and concise takeaway: focus on the value proposition (vs. barriers) that make customers continue to buy. I then partnered cross-functionally with key stakeholders to create a 3X revenue growth plan which incorporated my key recommendations on value proposition, brand positioning & strategic messaging, how to create a plant-based meat habit with consumers, and identification of an additional revenue source.

Reversed a 7-year declining business at a Fortune 200 & made profitable again

Turned around an established business at a Fortune 200 company operating at a 7 year-over-year loss to be profitable.


Leveraging compelling data and insights story-telling, I was able to sell in 100% of new products, save products from being discontinued, and provide consulting on how to grow business at a major retailer. Furthermore, I established trust with the retailer (customer) and their leadership team, which enabled the partnership and collaboration needed to adopt and execute my ideas and recommendations.  As a result, our year-over-year sales increased, and the business became profitable again after a 7-year streak of loss. 

Achieved 2X revenue goal

Aligned a cross-functional team with multiple stakeholders to achieve 2X projected revenue goal of a new product launch via strategic brand and product positioning. 


Managed custom research that uncovered unmet customer needs/whitespace opportunities. I also created a new methodology for customer segmentation that was leveraged to craft the marketing messaging and pitch used to sell-in the new product line into retailers. The projected sales of the new product line, Fresh Step Clean Paws, was estimated at $25M annual sales; however, the first year of sales was over $50M. In 2019 (second year in market), Fresh Step Clean Paws made the coveted IRI Pacesetters list for new product launches.

Saved a new brand from being discontinued

A year after U by Kotex launched I was asked to save the brand from being discontinued at a major retailer. The biggest competitor, P&G, told the retailer that U by Kotex was cannibalizing sales of existing brands and  therefore should be discontinued. I leveraged my key insights from an extensive analysis I conducted to tell a compelling rebuttal story with data showcasing that the U by Kotex brand contributed significant incremental revenue, brought in a new customer segment, and contributed to overall category sales growth. In addition to saving the brand from being discontinued, I was able to sell-in new products from the U by Kotex line, and shared my findings with Corporate HQ and colleagues, which helped prevent U by Kotex from being discontinued at other retailers as well.

Significantly Increased Marketing ROI

Significantly increased marketing spend ROI at a Fortune 500 company within 6 months via improved consumer Targeting.


I partnered with the media agencies supporting The Clorox Company to help them better target customers to serve advertisements. I designed a study that resulted in providing the media agencies a scientific methodology for media targeting. The new methodology resulted in a significant improvement in targeting the desired customer segments, and consequently resulted in higher ROI on media spend.

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